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Jim Walsh gives an Amazing Speech at Sandi Belzer Remembrance

10-15 Language Matters - Parents as Stakeholders

Language Matters as we continue down this mind-numbing path for the struggle to Educate vs.. Endocrinate our children. Recently a Florida School board proposed a resolution to withdraw from the National School Board Association (NSBA) which passed and a letter was drafted to withdraw from the association. NSBA earlier made claims that parents were upset at the actions taken by this Association were violent and threatening. As a result, the Biden Administration has labeled these Parents as "Domestic Terrorists". It's time to remove the NSBA from our public schools, Please Contact me By signing Up with Contract With WA and stay informed or request help with drafting proposals to deliver to your school to request the withdrawal from NSBA.

MK Analytics Has Partnered with CWW

MK Analytics is joining the Team to bring Campaign Marketing Resources and Cyber Protection for increased reach, protection, and peace of mind. MK Analytics specializes in voter data analytics and targeted contact lists for both postal mailings, email, SMS, and a new integrated telephone banking feature to get your message out to as many voters as possible. The integration with partner Cliktock now brings these services under one integrated platform that reduces plugin integration issues and reduced training and reduction in overall cost. The other side of the partnership brings a vast knowledge of cyber security and forensics. MK Analytics can image and conduct a forensic evaluation to report and clean any spyware found on your devices. MK Analytics works with Magnet Forensics to ensure the most up-to-date evaluation tools are used to protect your privacy.

Devastating News Today

With Great Sadness, we learned today that a great Friend and Mentor Sandi Belzer has passed away.

Sept 24, 2021 - Sandi has been a prominent figure in Washington Politics for decades and was influential to a lot of good Liberty Minded figures. Sandi was the Chair of the Washington State Liberty Caucus. She leaves a very large hole to fill and will be greatly missed.

Save the Date - Oct 9th 1-4:30 Post Falls Idaho

Election Integrity Event with Dr Douglas Frank, Prof. David Clements, and Seth Keshel are the Featured speakers addressing Washington State Election Integrity.

- More details coming soon -

Liz Harris Talks Canvassing in AZ

on Bannon's War Room

Draza Smith MS Science - Delivers Her Presentation at

Election Integrity Public Hearing Aug 29th 2021 at Heritage Ranch in Bow WA

Breaking News

While attending Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Bill and Lisa Allan and Jerrod Sessler were lucky enough to connect with Sen. Wendy Rogers, Senator Amanda Chase, and Patrick Colbeck from Mike Lindell's Team to manage the New Election Integrity Caucus WebSite and Communications. We are excited and humbled to be brought into this project. The website is up and ready to start registering Legislators and those interested in the effort. The purpose of the Caucus is to connect Legislators from all 50 States with Election Integrity Investigators and Cyber Forensic experts across the Nation to bring awareness to our elected officials about the problems in our Election Processes. Contract With Washington is uniquely positioned to take on this role as we have already been working with the Election Integrity Investigative Team in 30 states. That list of Teams is growing every month. Please join in with us as we work together to bring Transparent, Lawful, and Accurate back to the Election Process. Thank You Lacey Clark for leading the Washington Delegation!

More Breaking News

Proud CWW is Proud to Announce we have added New Hampshire 1st LD Candidate Karoline Leavitt to the Election Integrity Caucus Team. Karoline brings a fresh youthful vision to the team. Karoline comes with impressive credentials. She is the Current Communications Director for U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik and Former White House Assistance Press Secretary from the Trump Administration. Her Bold Pro-Life, Pro Gun, Pro Liberty demonstrates her commitment to America First values. We can not be any more excited to have great Americans Like Karoline jump on board with Saving America.

Step up and be the difference #YouAreThePlan

Jerrod Sessler Endorsment

Bill Allan from Contract with Washington named Campaign Manager for the Elizabeth Kreiselmaier for US-06th Congressional Seat. very excited to join. the Kreiselmaier Team and bring a strong Common Sense Candidate who will represent Parents rights, Law Enforcement, and our Military and their families .

Jerrod Sessler is a fantastic Common Sense Candidate that checks all the boxes for Contract With Washington. Our country needs representatives that stand for the people, not for special interest groups or their radical agendas. Jerrod will no doubt be a great representative for the people in his Congressional District. Jerrod is Currently Running for Congress in the 4th Congressional, District in WA. Please Consider going to his Campaign website link above and invest in the District to bring True Conservative Values to the 4Th District in Washington State.

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